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Africa’s Radio one presenter…. (Becknaby Smith)…How did you start to do this job? What age?

 Dr.moosa…..I was born with it. And I had already explained how I started in a brief story about how I started, check on my website page (About Us)

 Becknaby…Are your services free of charge or are their payment involved? If so, How much?

 Dr.moosa…My services are free of charge on a certain terms and conditions! because most of the problems are not the same and sometimes depends on the requirements or materials i use to do rituals in the process of delivering positive results. Also sometimes depends of the distance of client.

 Becknaby…Which terms and conditions?

 Dr.moosa…There are so many challenges, but these are the key challenges in this work... We get clients who are so much desperate for their problems while they don’t want even to know how the spiritual healing process works, what it takes? How long? What does it need? Something caused many of them to be aggressive and restless and even causes many to be scammed by fake healers, even some think that these things doesn't work. While others think that these are supposed to be a free services or very cheap…, The moment somebody come to you after pay you then start to demand for results, whereby you haven’t prepared for what you supposed to use in the process moreover you haven’t even consulted the ancestors for what they going to need as a material to do the work. And in other words, these types of healing need lots of patience and belief with trust to guarantee the results you are looking for.

 Becknaby……I have heard that you are the most powerful healer how do the people judge you?

 Dr.moosa…..People judge me according to what I do for them. And according the miracle powers are performed by my ancestors….

Becknaby….Radios, newspapers, and other Medias distributing news about you that you are one of the best healer in the world,   you have magic powers beyond powers and you’ve helped millions of people to solve their problems. Is this true?

 Dr.moosa….Yeah it’s not a lie if you look at the testimonials and the thanks giving messages, gifts I receives daily you have to believe it!

 Becknaby…..I heard of a homeless guy who was a beggar on a street of Cape Town you made him a millionaire..! Can you briefly explain to the listeners how and why you did that for him?

Becknaby…Doc, are you the one told him to go out in the public to tell about this and while in news papers and to accept radio stations interviews? I know everybody needs privacy and protections especially in the situation when has handled a lot of money like that…


Dr.moosa…No...No… the gift was unconditional, he did it on his own in a return of appreciation to me and the ancestral spirits, because he was too happy to handle his happiness, and he consulted me before going to news papers and I told him he is free for all his choices.


Beckanaby…Since then doctor, how many people have you helped in such similar situation of having richness like that guy?


Dr.moosa…Very ,very many…hundreds, and hundreds of them even those in high positions in governments,Companies,professionals, and other ordinary people in most countries, but I can’t tell their names and places ,unless they come out by themselves to give testimonies..

Becknaby….Doctor..some people says, Traditional healers,Spiritualist,Witch doctors, and whatever they call themselves are cheating, robbing people of their money without delivering what they claim to do, some are asking for difficult stuff which they know someone can’t get anywhere in the wise of robbing some one’s money, even some are raping their own clients inside dark rooms, and others are showing people big amount of money and then after a lot of stories they ask for huge amounts of money, all the sudden they make you to sale whatever you have, in exchange to what they show you, and after giving them your money, they disappear from the place. What do you say about that? If you are genuine what have you done to stop these bad activities from healers who pretend and spoil the image of this work?


 Dr.moosa …We have created ‘ Traditional Healers Association” (THA) which am the chairman of it, to look out for solutions of how to solve those problems, we are there to investigate every healer, those who are found guilty of any crime of evil acts against our clients with the help of the police agents in the country are being prosecuted. We argue to all clients to report any healer who commits any criminal acts. And we have caught many of them; most of them are already in jails while others are forced to leave this work from the communities. 

Becknaby…..How do you help people who cannot afford the costs? Like someone can leave the hospitals or clinic due to the high bills and decide to run over to you traditional healers for cheap solutions!


Dr.moosa….Yeah.. Most people think that traditional healing is only a last resort to a problem, which is wrong. There many problems/sicknesses which the white treatment can’t resolve while us can solve! And in other words people think that traditional healing must be free of charge. They have forgotten that we do a lot of things which involves money, energy, and time, such as... buying live animals that used for offering for ancestors or performing rituals, also we travel on a purpose of looking for the medicines on mountains/seas/ forests and other spiritual places where we get herbal remedies with other stuffs and also many other things which helps in healing. I want people to consider traditional healing as advanced solutions for all those complications that can’t be solved by any human except the powers and knowledge of spiritual ancestors. Therefore it would have been the most expensive and most recognizable. But when you come to my work place ,when I see you don’t have money ,I try do something which can solve your problem depending on your condition and you pay me after the problem is gone. But unfortunately when someone get healed he even forget to come back to pay, and he even start to say that was evil.


Beckanaby…..How do you help or what help do you offer to those who are not in the country or to nearby place where you work?

Beckanaby…Doctor.. Who is supposed to cater for those sacrifices of animals or whatever sacrifices may be? Who pays for it?

 Dr.moosa…Of course that’s a client’s task of providing me with some stuff which I cannot provide out of my stock, because the sacrifices are always asked by ancestors, not me, while it might be bigger in value of money than the client pay for treatment, as I told you we are only working for a small fee of money which is like donation, just to show your appreciations to great ancestors and energy spend on you. Example: same as building a house, you hire builders to build and you provide them with building materials.

Beckanaby….Thank you dr.moosa for the time we spent on this program. Before ending it, what message would you like to leave with our listeners?


 Dr.moosa…Thank you too and thanks goes to all my clients over the world. I really appreciates your support, be blessed...and I would like to encourage people to look back to where they came from at their grassroots along with Africa’s heritages, and the way people used to survive before the white technology started, and I want them to imagine how people used to survive with their problems and ailments before discovering technological treatments. They will find that all solutions/treatments were used by native elders to resolve people’s problems by that time, are the only methods working better than all. If we use them, you won’t find people with a lots of cuts on their bodies, due to white technological treatments, Let them remember our healing services does not limit whether poor, rich, educated, keep alive, respect the souls of your elders, at list once a month visit and clean your deceased family elder’s graveyards, respect your ancestors, and try to give away or donate to those who’s in needs. There you will get a prosperous long living life without many problems ahead of you. Thank you.


 Dr.moosa….Services which are free of charge, are: Spiritual reading, Tarot reading ,Palm reading, Marriage counseling, Advises, Healing for a person aged above 60 years old, Spirits guidance ,Dreams translations, and certain types of minor spiritual spells and herbal treatment,etc..But on a condition that you directly come to me in person and I examine.And sometimes it depends to my spiritual Ancestors which are able to do the job.

 Becknaby…..I have heard on radio shows, internet, newspapers, that you’re the leading spiritual healer, you have healed many ,you give wealth, money, make miracles, How many people have you healed so far and what evidence do you give to us?

 Dr.moosa…..I can’t know, I don’t count how many I have healed, But i thank God that many people are giving testimonies about what i have done to them , and i know my great ancestral powers have done a lot to change peoples lives. It’s like a traffic all over the world when they are coming to me... because others are coming for thanks giving and others seeking for help….so am always busy with people…

 Becknaby…which challenges do you get in the services you provide to your clients? Do you sometimes get aggressive or restless clients?

Dr.moosa …The guy came to me in my office and ask me for help ,I asked him of R30 consultation, he paid it and we entered in a private room out of reception, then after entering inside ,I conducted a spiritual readings, and revealed all what was happening to his entire life. The guy started crying and say doctor you’re right, you are true ,my God, help, help me doctor … I started to counsel him, and told him that don’t worry everything will be alright,,,then I told him to go out and pick 3 stones from the station of the road and told him to write on each stone his name and get a white paper then write all his wishes, personally I never knew what he wrote in that paper ,then after that I asked him to give me that paper with the three stones, I placed them all together in my ritual bag of my spiritual ancestors and started to talk to my ancestors about this guy’s problems due to the grief I had by that time to see a man like me crying in pain of problems, I was really feel attached in my heart, I decided to help him without asking him for anything in a return…I beg and begged my ancestor to do whatever they can to help this guy out…and after completing my stuff..Then I wrapped the stones and the paper in something and gave them to him, instructed him to go and hide it inside his house while fasting for 2 days. And gave him something to go and wash on his body for three days. It was on Monday morning in 2010 then on Wednesday morning I saw the guy come to me while running and panicking looks frustrated, I said in my heart what has happened wrong?, the guy started to hug me while as laughing crying moody, I was also afraid, suddenly the guy said doctor I got a lot of money in the bag where I was hiding those stuff you gave me…, doctor please advise me…, what must do with it? I told him before you do anything, You are going to offer a big live bull for slaughtering for the ancestors who have done for you this miracle ,I gave him money from my pocket to buy it which he did the next day and the spiritual ancestors started give him a dreams about how he must behave while using his gift of money.


Dr.moosa….Yes I would have advised someone who has any problem to come to the place where I work because it gives a chance to witness or recognize  exactly what am doing whether its real or fake ,there so many people performing fake healing scam out there .so it’s better to come by yourself. But if you cannot come or travel to me, I do mail posting/Emailing consultations/ internet chat room like: Skype, Yahoo, Windows live messenger, Facebook, twitter ,Google groups,and many others.


Beckanaby….What type sacrifice do you use to offer for your ancestors?


Dr.moosa....There are different types of sacrifices  are used : most likely we offer for spiritual ancestor’s well being moreover we sacrifices for a purpose of  evil cleansing and  spiritual boosting for the spells which are cast and so many purpose of sacrifices.Good ancestors understandable, they are always ask for something affordable and we use sacrifices according to what the ancestors have asked. depend on what problems are to be solved.