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Health disorders from long time can it be treated?

Posted by spiritualist on July 31, 2014 at 4:55 AM

Hi Proffessor Moosa

My name is Lovender. I am suffering from some health disorders from long time.One corresponds to my voice and other corresponds to my body.I have a very peculiar voice which sounds feminine on phone.I am a guy of 25 years old.But my voice on phone sounds funny.My

voice needs to be corrected.It needs to sound more masculine.


I have another issue in regards to my body.I sweat a lot and I am loosing lot of hair on my head now-a-days.I need to be more active and I should not get tired easily.This is another long time illness which I have been facing.I need to be more active and need to have enough sexual strength and physical strength.

Can you please help restore the hair on my head and make it grow stronger and make me energetic physically and sexually ?



I will be thankful to you if you can resolve these two issues as soon as possible.Please let me know what needs to be done in order to resolve issues pertaining to my hair,body (sweat and sexual strength) and voice ??


Please let me know whether I can be assured of getting these disorders treated 100%.Please let me know if I attain any negative karma

if you follow any methodology to treat these disorders ? Do you have to do any animal sacrifices or anything which inflicts negative karma in order

to provide healing ? Please let me know.I am always against Negative Karma and do not like the processes which inflict negative karma.


I want treatment with 100% results (something with a money back guarantee) which does not involve any negative karma.

Even if the process is a bit slow,I agree to take up the process.


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