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Africa powerful international spiritual Healer is here to provide you with genuine services of Spiritual natural Healing,Instant spell Casting Services solving most problems with sicknesses failed by other doctors/healers.Call Tel: +27783261944

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Please do not hesitate to contact the great spiritual doctor to help you as quickly as he can before even you realize it. Scroll down for contacts details.

Stop looking at your self in a dilemma, you just have to contact me and I have your answer, have you been disappointed by other spell casters and traditional healers? don't loose hope through the guidance of my strong ancestors all is possible.
In order for me to help you I have to first consult about your stars through the help of my strong ancestors and always before you tell me your problems don't forget to send me the following: your sir name, place where you stay [possibly town and country], your wishes, your date of birth, with all this I will make your dream come true as soon as possible.
In western society one is taught that only the physical world exists. Visions are seen as an hallucinatory product of the psyche in which it is inappropriate to indulge. Failure to conform to this norm could result in institutionalization. But consider that what so called insane people see and hear might in fact exist, or that when someone says that he/she can feel the pain of others he/she is probably telling the truth. Should one experience these phenomena and decide to ignore them, one might successfully suppress their direct meaning.
Instead of a clear message one might suffer a throbbing headache as if someone were knocking to get attention. In other cases intuitions may express themselves as a pounding of the heart. These symptoms usually manifest when one considers acting against the wishes of the ancestors. In Nguni society this condition is known as Twasa.

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Important to know that am the only spiritual native doctor who almost came out of the dead examined and entrusted to use his amazing miracle powers gifted to me by the gods of his fore father's ancestors which anointed me to help human beings by solving all those problems or sicknesses that failed to be healed by other doctors/healers.

What is a traditional healer

A traditional healer is a person who has maintained or re-established his/her contact with the ancestors. Through this contact he/she has access to all the knowledge they impart. Because the ancestors are also part of another world they have contact with other beings to whom they can introduce the healer. A traditional healer also communicates with plants which divulge their healing secrets. Just as any western student needs to learn how to access the knowledge of his civilization through libraries, so the student of traditional healing has to learn how to access information through interaction with the spirits. The spirits only speak when all other avenues have been explored.

Important to notice

Traditional healing is based in tribal tradition and has probably existed for approximately 120,000 years, as long as tribal structures are thought to have existed before the first city states appeared about 7,000 years ago. It is founded on the experience of the human as part of his/her family and clan (the ubuntu concept). The clan experience goes beyond the physically living and includes the ancestors of the group. Keeping in contact with these ancestors and following their guidance contributes greatly to the health of the individual because it imbues him/her with a sense of belonging, purpose and identity within the community.

4 Pearce on corner  marshal building  Claremont,Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 7708

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I was buried under the grave for 24 hours when the ancestors of my grand father junja maggwa woke up and started to make a scene to the gathering and told every one to go and remove my body from the ground .
it happened when i was ten years old. to tell what i saw in the grave and what i was revealed by the ancestors is a long story, but to cut a story short , since then the ancestors in corroborations with the angels and jinns from the forests and those are sitting on the mountains started to guide me and gives messages on how to heal and reveal the human problems.

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I have been doing this work for more than 35 years as I was chosen by my own ancestors, I am hear to pay attention to every one's problems and sickness through the use of true African herbs with holistic spell casting practices under the guidance of my strong ancestors, since then ,Now it has become a task that i have to fulfill for my forefather's ancestors to heal those who can not help them selves to get out of the problems and difficult life of this world.whom am i to reject the task given to me by my ancestor?
I do spell casting and also meet with my clients physical but this is through appointment, no matter in which part of the world you're all my services can be available to you through strong spell casting, I also do mail orders, meet with my clients, all my services work within a period of 2 days and are guaranteed

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Please make sure you quote the practice registration no. for any transaction you make. Whenever contact for help, please try email with your cell phone no. as your reference which you gonna receive an sms text after receiving your payment / Progress or at the completion of your healing process.

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4 Pearce on corner marshal building Claremont,Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 7708

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