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Powerful spiritual herbalist natural healer

Africa powerful international spiritual Healer is here to provide you with genuine services of Spiritual natural Healing,Instant spell Casting Services solving most problems with sicknesses failed by other doctors/healers.Call Tel: +27783261944


Having more than 35 years experience in ancestral spiritual healing and performs spell casting services as well using herbal medicine to heal diseases,Offers variety of services,Cast spells for return lost lover,Money problems,Money enrichment,Divorce cases,Broken marriages,Lotto,Casino,Success,Court cases,Penis enlargement,Solving domestic problems,Destroying witchcraft,Curing madness,Giving good luck in lives of people,Employments,Jobs,Increase wages,Solving debts problems,Protection from evil demonic attack,Prevention of nightmares,Wealth & Health enhancement,Financial increment,Fixing finance difficulties and many more Mention it,he will work on it.


He use perfect holistic magic spells and various mixtures of herbal charms together with powerful ancestral spirits to heal and solve most of problems and long time sicknesses.You may be contacting lot of healers but mind that this healer is the top best who is naturally qualified to solve your problems.This doctor has got many methods and tactics of solving problems.He leads all African Ritual activists, Herbalist healers, Spiritual healers, Native healers, Philosophers, Traditional healers and gives them accurate guidance to do their spiritual work properly because he is the only one communicates directly with more than 99 angel spirits and jinns. 

Why people from the whole world Love this best traditional healer

He has natural spell cast specialties known to work from far range distance from where his base in Cape Town- South Africa.

He has been in this work for more than 35 years. He was chosen by his own ancestors to assist people around the world delivering them from spiritual bondage. Many says they heal but few has sufficient magic force to deliver real results. Remember methods of healing differs. 

This doctor has got many methods and tactic of solving problems.

He can not give up on you without demonstrating all his capability and commanding his entire force of Jinns, (Genie) Aliens,and magnetic magic illusions to make your problems disappear. The same reason has encouraged millions of clients to rely on his services. Learn more

 History of this best supernatural spiritual healer

This is the only  spiritual native doctor who almost came out of the dead  examined and entrusted to use his amazing  miracle powers gifted to him by the gods of his fore father's ancestors who anointed him to inherit the spiritual powers of his elderly parents. He inherited the powers of his forefathers used for ages before past generations which enables him to communicate to more than 99 Engels and spiritual jinns located under the seven Seas,Oceans,forests to help human beings by solving all those problems or sicknesses that failed  to be healed by other doctors/healers!

He has healed many people all over the world and according to testimonies shows he is mainly the world's best award winning healer he leads the rest to deliver guaranteed results in timely manner.
In fact Dr. Moosa's spell casting abilities are not limited by geographical boundaries. the spell is guaranteed to work no matter the distance.

Are you worried that this can affect your religion/cultural belief?

No do not worry,No matter whatever cultural back ground or religion belief you are neither color nor race,This type healing is amazingly gives others successful happiness at all the time! and you may need it too in order to succeed if you feel abducted by darkness and hardship of this world. 

Take this piece of advise and change your medications to a proper fresh remedies invented by this  trusted holistic healer Dr.Moosa. 

Moreover, if you have ever tried other doctors/healers before, then try this holistic professional one who is the best and honest!

What can this noble gifted healer can do for you

You know fortune or luck is the main key leads us to prosperity in this world. When you do not have a good luck or fortune ,you stand no chance of having anything good down to the earth and heaven.Even if your are given a millions and millions of cash ,it can go out of your hands unnoticed and you go back to your natural poor status. but in spirituals ways of Dr.moosa can change that for you and give a good hope of living with a good luck. View more

He has herbs for losing weight.Stop hating your size.

This spiritual healer is ready to kick start you at any model size you want. Especially when you are a woman without breasts is terrible. Model your new beautiful look with Dr.Moosa's herbal products and men will say you.

Fix broken relationships, marriages.

Marriage is costly and unpredictable which can end any time due to many unintended reasons . But you can visit Dr.Moosa and make him your family marriage counselor to guide you to the proper ways how you can manage your marriage to a permanent prosperity.

Remove evil/ witchcraft/ ghost/bad spell/curse/nightmares 

Be a superman on demons. Stop getting scared of witchcraft.This spiritual healer can install powers in you and destroy all evil spirits like a supernatural magicians.

Treat pregnancy problems.

If you always get miscarriages or fails to conceive or fails to push a child out or having a painful pregnancies , It is time to end that calamity with this the help of Dr.Moosa one of the leading spiritual psychic energy healer leading the whole world healers.

Make court cases,divorce cases and debts cases be dismissed from court.

Have you not believed this ?. This spiritual gifted man can send his magic spirits to whoever at any place and make him/her change his/her minds to feel sorry for you and dismiss his allegations against you in court or erase debts from the computers.

What does people say about this spiritual herbalist doctor 

certified best native divined psychic energy doctor. Then this international spiritual master spell caster guru will do what it takes to solve all your problems.Feel free to ask where you do not understand! See testimonies

He has experience in bring back lost lover or lost family together

No matter how long you lost her or him but still want to get back together? here is the world best spiritual herbalist healer who can help you to reunite. 

Someone stole your man/woman or somebody cheat on you

Do not worry, the spirits can work on man/woman snatchers, Just report your matter to this popular top spiritual love doctor so that he can summon the magic spiritual powers whom they can make those cheaters stuck together and feel shame in public

Money Spells which can work fast

Money spells to solve all your money problems and money spells to help your business and banish debt from your business and delete all money worries in life. Have extra to spend on your loved ones and buy that dream car after using my money spells will bring you peace of mind to feel like you can lead the world.
Experience financial freedom with money spells that work fast. If you need quick money get my quick money spells. My money spells get help you get a business loan, car loan, personal loan or become a will beneficiary of a big will or be gifted with money by a friend, relative or complete stranger Money spells to make you rich by increasing your luck with money and money making opportunities in your life.

He has a spell charm to bring back stolen goods.

Report to this supernatural healer as soon as you are robbed so that he can help you recover your stolen belongings. He gives you something to make you find the robbers stuck on the scene of  where where they have robbed.But do not hesitate before it get out of one hands to another to make it difficult of returning it.

He solve financial and domestic difficulties.

Fix financial difficulties at home, families,clans,bad corporation in house especially by the naughty children in house. Bringing people together, making peace among people to unity.

He can make you gain promotions at work place.

Be rec organized for appreciation awards. How can you sit there watching when other new people just getting employed recently and promoted on your job yet you have worked and sacrificed all your time and efforts on that job for years and years without being appreciated with a promotion or an award? it is unfair come on wake up  and do something. let this spiritualist help you quickly.

He has got a sale quick potions to boost customers in business.

Even if the business is not performing well or hided far away from customer's sight. This spiritualist can make it popular and booming. do you have investments that is not performing well to benefit you ? keeping losing your hardly earned cash to a sleepy investment or businesses are quit stressful. 

He can make your admired partner to be yours or if you just admire someone you never talked to

This spiritual love doctor is capable of casting  what we call first love attraction spells will help you find love, love spells to help you stay in love, love spells to make someone fall in love, love spells to protect your love, love spells to bring back a lost love and love spells to enjoy love using his powerful love spells.

spiritual love spell caster use powerful love rituals, love karma, wicca spells, love potions, love muti, love charms together with my love spells to solve any love problems. Even you admire to become in love with someone you never talked with,this can prove to you its magic reaction in making that person feel real feelings for you.

He has something to make you have lot of children or to change sex of a child inside the womb.

Haa.., Sometimes life is not fair and consider facts that in life there must be some craziness some how because of why? Someone can be there struggling to get an abortion for the reason she has got many unwanted children and yet other one is out there striving hard to get pregnant wanting to at least have 1 or 2 children or more but God has failed to answer her  while another one is out there complaining that she is tired of giving birth to only male kids when she want female ones ... Don"t you think it is funny? But the greatest spiritual healer is here to work on that situation and solve it for one and for all.

He has mixtures of herbs for sexual weakness make you strong.

Common factors to have a real feelings for sex are strong erection. forget about big penis , penis benefits owner who knows how to use it ,do not let your self be deceived of people who convince you to enlarge your penis. That manhood system works more better if it is in a nature size provided you know how to use it. 

He cure madness/stress/addictions/long illnesses no matter at any stage or failed by doctors.

Do you have someone you think is mad? Stressed?Addicted to anything or any habit? or has someone  been ill for a long time? Do not wait the problem to get worse,even if you tried clinical/hospitals doctors and they have failed to cure the problem this spiritual herbalist doctor got many solutions to heal. That means you haven't tried all solutions,if have not seen him yet.

He has lucky spells/charm to increase your wealth for a quick development.

if you have been look for the quickest ways to increase your wealth especially these days when global recession are knocking everybody on fore head, you must tighten your belt when you know you are safely guarded of your increasing wealth by this powerful spiritual herbalist healer.

He has charms for gambling/Lotto/Casino entrusted to make you win a surprising jackpot.

Are you among the people who sit in casino or Gambling place while weeping for what what they have lost as if it was forced on them to go there? This traditional healer can make for you a charm and you go there as champion, win horse, Lottery,Betting,or any kinds of gambling you are entitled to win a bid jackpot

He has charms to protect away from car robbers/hijacker/properties attack& Etc.....

Bad luck /witch crafts can lead you lose whatever you buy or own , if its a car you cant survive car hijackers/ robberies, there fore you have to be well prepared with something to keep your belongings safe and well assured.

Factors of richness and wealth

Buy Amagundwane (the magic rats)  or  Amayembe (strong invisible spirits)  so that you can surprise your colleagues with secret riches and quick wealth! They have made millions of people rich and wealthy. if you are already rich, i dare who ever knew that America and Britain,France ,Spain will ever turn into economic downturn? (Global recession)  even Bill gates is not the richest these days. So you need to equip with more funds ,No Money will ever be enough for alive human being.

So dearly grab Amayembe or magic rats and make your money keep it or invest it safely and keep your mouth shut before the worst economic grave downturns effects you and your children.  Die rich is better than dying poor or rather die trying.  They say in proverb 'A good poor man is a dead one" This is a Volunteer products ,does not cost much!!. Moreover they are just priced for retrieval process materials only. Spirits does not allow spiritual practitioner to gain profits out of it. Browse ahead to products offers page


Ask Yourself  ,Why are you suffering and unhappy all the time when others are out there enjoying them selves ,and yet you are born from a womb of a woman like them?

 Strong herbal medicine to cure,treat most of complicated  diseases,illnesses are available at his stores

Broken bones,Chest pains,Heartache,Headache,High fever,Lost memory,Piles, Leprosy,Teeth ache,Neck pains,Back pains,Poisons,High blood pressure,Sugar diabetes,Diarrhea,Cancer,Lung infections,Strong cough,Meningitis,Elegies, Pimples,Lost appetite,Eye ache,Small pox,Ringworm,Leukemia,Snake bites,Birth pains,Stomach pains,Gonorrhea,Syphilis,Dysentery,Shaking palsy,Paralysis, Epilepsy,Short breathe,Skin infections,Cholera, Ebola & Etc....

Why many people prefer to use natural supplements prepared by this herbalist healer?

In fact Dr.Moosa's natural supplements are well prepared and tested to be accurate to cure you longtime sickness. He also has experience in mixing various remedies in different types to cure defiant diseases like: Asthma, Diabetes, HIV&AIDS,Blood pressure, long illnesses, Cancer, lung infection and many more depending on your request..

All unfinished and failed jobs by other healers or doctors,if not satisfied,just come to him to help you.

Notice: Calling a healer to ask whether his/her services are really good or working good is not the best advisable idea. If you feel you do not trust a healer better not call him/her at all because in the world we are none will just open a business and tell the truth to customers that the products in his/her business is not good to prevent them from coming to buy. Even fake practitioners will talk nice as real ones to seduce you to fall in trap. So the difference is that for us the real one we just show actions than talking much about our services. Therefore i advise you to rather visit the place to observe the actions by your self than listening to words.

Herbal medicine to make live long with HIV-AIDS/cure it completely

He has herbs to make long live with HIV-AIDS even a chance of getting cured completely.

Many people believe HIV does not be healed , yet others are depending or RVs and other local herbal stuffs ,  But why do you think should be the reason why this spiritual healer is on top of world healer's ranking? The reason is simple.  He managed to do a research and find out how people can be healed using herbal medicine ,using is ancestral spiritual powers he has healed many HIV patients with his professional invented herbal remedies.

He has a spell/charms that can make you have a good job and good pay with promotions.

I know you always work hard and at the end month you come home gloomy with  a disappointing check or pay slip from your boss , Is it because the job you have is the one useless? or Is it because your boss does not recognize you to pay you small money like that.  Then stick on this spiritual healer to give you a better solution for that.

He can stop someone to interfere in your love relationship/family.

Even if someone uses witch crafts or Evil spirits.Many people are tenants in some residential places ,and others they make lots of friend around  and attracts those friends to pay frequent visits to their homes ,this is good , but  if it is your woman who is so friendly to many ,then the chances of interfering in your relationship is huge, and even if you are a woman ,but your man is the one attracts frequent friends at home, it is also so dangerous to your relationship, then when interference happens to your relationship ,do not get surprised. for more info ask this greatest spiritual doctor to guide through it.

He has herbs to enlarge your penis to satisfy your lover always.

Remember your woman will not be entertained by big size of penis but tricks of your action and strong size of your penis. That is the reason this spiritual herbalist doctor came into this matter and do a research to find solutions to your sexual problem by using strong mixtures of herbal remedies/supplements empowered with spell to heal that problem permanently. It enlarges you to a maximum size which can suit to your woman size no matter what size of her private part elastic as well it these supplements can make last in a woman for 4-6 hours depending on your stamina.

He treat sexual transmitted infections quickly which can be an obstacle to your reproductive.

We all know HIV AIDS is among the deadly infections ,but not has deadly as some silent infections such as Gonorrhea,Syphilis,Harps which can even destroy your reproductive system/your(Eggs) inside. Why its so deadly is because you can notice it and never mind about it but once it reaches at a deadly stage,it become incurable or treatable as well make you barren and you start suspect your self of having witchcraft prevent you from having children.

He has powerful herbs for curing early ejaculations and makes you to last in a woman.

Ensure sexual satisfaction with your lover to avoid cheating with others for a full satisfaction that might ruin your relationship.After a short time using my Penis Enlargement Herbs, you will start noticing many differences in your life. Besides increase in size, you will gain the secrets to fantasy and enjoyment in your love life. stay long in action with a woman in bed. make your woman enjoy you more

Have you tried other healers with no help/results?

If you are looking for a doctor / healer who helped you before Or that bogus healer who ripped you off your money by pretending to help you,while you can’t see him/her again, yes he can help to trace him for you. see details scroll down to report your case.

Tips for those who want to start a booming business.

Do you want to buy or sell any property,car,home,business?
Do you need to acquire loans or to give loans? let him protect you first!
Many  people are crying and regretting  when they have been trapped into loses.

 Before you start any business,it is wise to obtain a proper advice and plans through the ancestral spiritual powers which can see far more than any human being in addition for you to avoid losing every thing at the end.

Beautiful spiritual quote

 Any  body's success is a own secret ,Nobody can tell where or how and what he made to succeed ! ,so be careful  and find your own ways to your destiny! Other wise you may hate what gives others happiness & prosperity.

Amazing strong herbal supplements to cure dangerous Herpes and Syphilis

If you are infected with genital herpes or syphilis, it is mostly dangerous to your health or any other sexually transmitted disease, then you are at risk for a weakened immune system. During this time, you can have more severe outbreaks of genital herpes, as well as complications. Complications include being susceptible to other diseases, fever, swollen glands and severe headaches, premature birth or miscarriage,Sex weakness or sexual dysfunction,brain damage, blindness and death in the newborn baby,Skin sores, Genital sores, itchy and painful sores in the hair,and sometimes causes impotence,barren and may cause many surprising infections of any kind. So order now before it become worse in you.

Good news to those seeks extreme wealth

Here is only African voodoo master around the world to offer you unconditional guaranteed results. His work has been known to Help, Heal, And to help people start and build a strong foundation for money (wealth) you too can join the billionaires club in your country or area The life you really want can be yours. Start living today by using my powerful spells.

What Money Power Level Do You Need?

If you feel like you're just not getting paid what you're worth and you would like to increase your income, then this is just the spell you have been looking for! This money spell usually works in one of two possible ways; many people get a sudden, unexpected promotion at the same company they have been working for, earning a lot more money than they were before, and other people find that they are suddenly presented with opportunities to move to a different company, making a lot more than they were before! Either way, you could come out the winner!

Today we are living into a century for the rich. Unfortunately many of us are having load of financial problems like debts, unemployment, low payments and for others they can't attain promotion at work. Regardless of what your condition could be Chief Simon can help you change it.

Doctor Moosa is a specialist in summary of the following problems

Bring back your lost lover even if lost for a long time.

The sickness/problem that medical and other healers failed to solve

Remove the black spot in your hands that keeps taking away your luck and money

Eliminating family fights between family members to have peace & harmony at home.

Marriage with eternal happiness and love have your partner alone with no strings attached.

Attract customers to your business and turn your trade into a favorite among clients.

Find out why you're not progressing in your life and offer for you solution.

Get help with court case to make them dismissed or win them immediately.

He has got charms/spell to take away bad luck & give good luck in life

He fix broken relationships, marriages

He treat pregnancy problems

He has herbs for losing weight and bring back your beauty.

He solve financial and domestic difficulties

He has a spell charm to bring back stolen goods.

He can make you gain promotions at work place.

He has herbs to make long live with HIV-AIDS

He has something to make you have lot of children.

He has a spell/charms that can make you have a good job.

He can stop someone to interfere in your love relationship/family/ job

He cure madness/stress/addictions/long illnesses.

He has charms for gambling/lotto/ casinos.

He has powerful herbs for curing early ejaculations.

He has charms to protect away from car robbers/hijacker/properties attacks Etc.....

Are things happening to you that you can't explain?
Well maybe someone's put a hex on you?
Do you feel you are stuck in the wilderness in a situation that appears hopeless?
Do you have many enemies some enemies that you are not even aware of?
Are you having many obstacles in your life?
Is your love life falling apart?
Is your life facing financial ruin?
Do you need protection from your enemies?

He deliver full services to anybody from worldwide by Online emails,Mail posts, door to door visits. telephone calls, Media Chat rooms or by any mobile communications

If you need to know more about your Marriage/ Dreams interpretations/ Love life/ Relationship/Fortune/ Future life/About a Deceased / Online holy miracle prayers , etc.. ,Just text SMS your name+Address+Birthday or MMS /WhatsApp a photo. and your Country & City.
(Reply is free but a donation is  also accepted)  

How to contact this well acknowledged traditional spiritual healer

QUOTE REF: THD870023/02.

Dear good clients.

Please make sure you quote the practice registration no. for any transaction you make. Whenever contact for help, please try email with your cell phone number. as your reference which you gonna receive an sms text after receiving your payment / Progress or at the completion of your healing process. Although some problems are for pay but even if you don't have money just share this website to everyone and then you will be helped free ( Terms and conditions apply)

ADDRESS:  4  Pearce street, Claremont 7708,Cape Town,Western Cape,South Africa

OFFICE HOURS: 06:00 Am  to  06:30pm South Africa’s  time

CONTACT Tel                  +27 783 261 944 

MAIN EMAIL  :                  [email protected]    

ALTERNATIVE EMAIL:     [email protected]         

Surely you deserve better since you have seen this website

Thank you for visiting this website of a genuine spiritual doctor.Take enough time and Satisfy yourself with full information on this website.

See why DrMoosa is the right healer for you right now!

Dr.moosa inherited the spiritual powers of his forefather's ancestors which were used by his own elderly parents.This energy psychic passed on from ages before generations to generations. He's also anointed gifted authentic healer by the powerful spiritual Jinns which sits at the river banks,Oceans, forests,wells. In addition this lead him to communicate directly to more than 99 Engels with manual in and outer psychic powers. That enables him to sense the voices of God's miracle powers and magnetic force of paranormal existence.   something which gives him excessive value of powers to solve all people's problems without failures and also that gives him high ranking rate than others. Which means you haven't tried all if you haven't yet contacted him.

He is a gifted supernatural born doctor of 35 years experienced Certified Professional Psychic and Tarot reader, He is a leader of African psychic and traditional healers. 

Prof Dr. Moosa blessed to cast powerful Spells and perform Traditional Healing with a number of different powerful prayers to ensure satisfaction to clients,  have been Casting Spells for more than 35 Years and  have always been successful.
He has clients in more than 58 countries almost in every continent and many have been successful and have always written testimonies on web sites

All unfinished and failed jobs by other healers or doctors, if not satisfied, just come to him to help you.

  • Top spiritual healers in Africa will meet their leader Dr.moosa in Cape Town at an exhibition and demonstrate and educate people about spiritual healing.
    Top spiritual healers in Africa will meet their leader Dr.moosa in Cape Town at an exhibition and demonstrate and educate people about spiritual healing.
  • He is among the world's most male award winning marriage consultant who has fixed many African's troubled marriages
    He is among the world's most male award winning marriage consultant who has fixed many African's troubled marriages
  • Dr.Moosa is a world's top best spiritual healer who has natural experience in treating and solving most spiritual caused problems
    Dr.Moosa is a world's top best spiritual healer who has natural experience in treating and solving most spiritual caused problems
  • African Greatest Traditional Spiritual Healer Provides Services For Spiritual Healing, Ranked No.1 in Spiritual Healing Methods
    African Greatest Traditional Spiritual Healer Provides Services For Spiritual Healing, Ranked No.1 in Spiritual Healing Methods
Top spiritual healers in Africa will meet their leader Dr.moosa in Cape Town at an exhibition and demonstrate and educate people about spiritual healing.
Top spiritual healers in Africa will meet their leader Dr.moosa in Cape Town at an exhibition and demonstrate and educate people about spiritual healing.

Why you have to trust this miracle spiritual natural healer

This miracle super natural spiritual healer is the one you need to trust because his intentions is really to help you succeed with your prosperity and instant development.

Improve your life by visiting this wonderful noble spiritual healer , a spell caster blessed with healing skills and unbeatable spiritual powers of solving problems.
He accurately do angel reading, Aura reading, Card reading, Clairvoyant reading, Crystal readings, Dream interpretation, Empathy reading, Horoscope, Palm ching reading, Numerology reading, Past life reading, pet psychic, psychic medium reading, Spiritual guidance, Spiritual coaching and Tarot reading. More info

Cast a spell for all your problems & enemies to disappear quickly!

He also blessed to cast powerful Spells with the help of  powerful spiritual powers, his spells are done unique ways to fulfill clients goals. If you are new or you have been disappointed by other spell casters and healers who have failed to provide you with the results they promised you and you're stuck with no option of achieving or solving your problem, its time you contact him, the most powerful and spiritually gifted spell caster from the royal family.

Solutions to poverty/debts and financial difficulties.

If you are stuck dancing in poverty, debts , do not worry, Just come and he install a magic money making spirits in your body and you see how money will flow on you like rain before a dark cloud. Its amazing but true. He has ever done it and he is still doing it. Abundance Blocks are Holding You Back From Wealth Abundance Blocks are the subconscious barriers that prevent you from manifesting wealth. Learn more about what they are, why they exist, and which ones could be sabotaging you. Most energy healers would never share their methodology, but Dr.Moosa believes you deserve the truth.

Success rate is 100%

This spiritual doctor is the highest success rated healer because he successfully perform all kinds of Energy Healing and Atonement with the help of Higher Self experience, Higher Spiritual Beings, your Soul and your Higher Self. The Ultimate source of all Beings is God's Ultimate reality. This magic healer work with a wide variety and spectrum of energy and spiritual frequencies, so can provide energetic healing support and atonement to people in lot of areas. His goal is to share with you a quality Remote Healing, Reiki healing and Spiritual transformation services, which should heal yourself & others and let you finally recognize the Divine in You and in All.

Everything you need to know about this greatest spiritual herbalist doctor

He use strong herbs & magic spells as well as powerful ancestors.Get healed today by this greatest miracle doctor who has healed many people through his experienced ancestors. Join the rest of the world to cerebrate his miracle healing. He can even read and tell you your problems before you say any thing to him. He can connect you to talk to the spirit of a deceased of your familly member or friend. .He can also tell you your future through reading palm,play card, a mirror/water. He uses many ways of healing just to make sure that he satisfy his clients all over the world. Dr moosa is the only traditional healer who does fully corresponds with all religious beliefs.

Are you waiting to lose you life/relationship /property/ completely while doing nothing about it?

No matter whatever cultural background or religious believer you are,but as long as you're a human being. This can be the solution of your problems. Do not say this does work before you try it out. Remember the more you wait is the more you get hurt  while the problems gets worsened.
You should not wait ,Life is too short to wait.
Call Him to visit you any where worldwide.

Something Important to Read and Share

My grand mother gave me a saying that whatever you do voluntarily ,you benefit in it voluntarily later and whatever you offer freely, Later you can be rewarded with a surprising benefit in return.

Be a volunteer in this matter wherever you are, Share this website to promote the information you see on this website to help others see it. I mean spread this website all over the world.

It’s easy spread this website, Share it with all your friends timeline through face book, twitter ,LinkedIn, YouTube, Radio news, Link it to your websites, blogs, Tell everyone about it or write it on anything you find anywhere or with a word of mouth.

The great spirits of our ancestors  whom i serve and you don't see will have gift you with a reward. I swear by the God of our ancestors always chose to surprise those who are royal to them with a great reward depending on their intentions and needs.

You may take this message for granted, but it has happened to many people who did it. Have a look at frequent testimonies page.

Marriage counselor for broken relationships,broken marriages, lost lovers and some sort of stress issues

Dr.Moosa experienced  in marriage counseling and fixing broken marriages as well as any other troubled relationships.
Stop hating and worrying about your marriage. He is among the world's most male award winning marriage consultant who has fixed many African's troubled marriages.
Though his miracle powers, he can solve many complications in human lives spiritually.
Do you need marriage proposal?
Do you want your lover back?
Are you stuck with financial / or Debts troubles?
Are you suffering because of bad luck?
Are you being forced into a divorce?
Do you need to clean your house from Evils & witch-crafts?
He solve court cases even if some one is convicted and he make the success of appeal.
He solve sexual weakness ,and enlarge men penis,solve early ejaculations and poor erections.

Stop hating your rough skins, he treat skin infections, HIV symptoms, body pains, and long illnesses.
Is your husband having an affairs and you suspect him to cheat on you or a wife?
Is he/she weak in bed or stingy with money? doesn't he/she want to give you what you ask for?
Is there some body jealous with your relationship and try to separate you? especially relatives?
Is your partner delaying your marriage or don't want to give you a child. See this

Spiritual healer doctor Moosa can cast a custom love spell for your particular circumstances.

•Lack of communication.
•Finding love
•Lack of passion
•Friend to lover
•Trust issues
•Jealousy and insecurity.
• Sexual Problems
•Money issues
•Lack of quality time
•Infidelity & cheating
•Space & me growth.
•Are you still in love
•Lost lover
•Protecting love
•Life/Work balance
•Age gap
•Incompatibility in love.
•Change in priorities
•Unmet emotional needs
•Unrealistic expectations
•Lack of attraction
•Keep love alive
•Coping with a new baby
•Aftermath of an affair?
•Life stages
•Life-Changing Events
•Boring relationship
•Lack of support
•Lack of concern
•Depression & stress
•Interfaith Marriage
•Domestic violence

Testimonies from best clients

Hi drmoosa,

Really whats the secret about your ancestors? because i asked them to do for me four jobs such as, have back my employment,richness, lover and a car.But guess what doc, although am not as such rich but  am now employed, have my BMW 5 series,and engaged with beautiful woman! thanks doc  really i will bring a gift to your ancestor too.

Yours  Morris  London (UK)

Dr moosa the the stuff you  gave me to use when I'm making love with my  husband worked quit well and now am three months pregnant.

thank you very much to make me have children, i really believe in your miracle and i never knew before that i can have a baby in my life! God bless you Dr moosa.!

Yours Anita -New york (USA)

"I had been having problems maintaining relationships long term. For reasons not known to me at the time every relationship l had kept failing. Guys just left me with no valid reason. When my last one failed l felt l had to seek help. How could l keep letting this happen? Dr Moosa quickly did a consultation for me and found out there were problems with me, l had somehow had a spell cast on me that prevented me from having lasting relationships. With his help and dedication we got rid of the old spell. He cast me a lost love spell and a binding love spell. Although my results took a little longer than 4 days my man is back in my arms. Dr. Moosa was there to reassure me and to find out why the spell was taking longer. He immediately got to work to resolve any problems."

 Thank you so much Dr .Moosa
Posted by: Heather, USA

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Dear my daughters & sons, I warmly thank you who have supported me to serve you all along with my spiritual knowledge and agreed to use our native herbal medicine invented by our grand parents (forefathers)
ancestors and more especially to support our Natural African Tradition treatments which was used by past generations before wise medical scientists came into place.May the great holy spirits continue to bless you all.